Kinesiology/Active Rehabilitation


Kinesiologists are university-trained body movement specialists that can help you to get stronger to meet your fitness goals or to heal following an injury. They use science-based research and assessment to assist in the rehabilitation of injury as well as support the enhancement of human performance in both sport and work environments.

Our Registered Kinesiologist, Arissa Martin, works closely with our physiotherapy team to design active rehabilitation programs to meet the needs of clients and get them back to doing what they love following a motor-vehicle accident, sports injury or period of time off of sport.

Arissa also provides Personal Training out of our well-equipped gym space and can work one-one with clients designing a gym conditioning program that will help you meet your goals more effectively. Whether it is training for a big race or trip, increasing your overall fitness, or getting back to lifting heavier weights again, she can help you train smarter and get there faster.

Some Extended Health Benefit Programs include coverage of Registered Kinesiology Services.  Check with your extended health provider to find out if you are eligible.


Kinesiology / Active Rehabilitation / Personal Training Rates:

Initial Assessment – 90 Minutes      $135.00

60 Minute Session                                 $90.00

45 Minute Session                                  $70.00

30 Minute Session                                  $45.00

Kinesiology Package Rates:

4 Session Package:       $348.00 ($87.00 per session)

6 Session Package:       $510.00 ($85.00 per session)

12 Session Package:     $984.00 ($82.00 per session)

*5% GST is applicable on all Registered Kinesiology services and is not included in the prices above.