Clinical Pilates


Pilates is a system of specific exercises with the intention of facilitating increased control of the core stability muscles as well as improving overall body awareness, movement quality and strength. Exercises were originally developed by Joseph Pilates over 50 years ago and are performed on a Reformer, chair or mat.

The benefits of Pilates in rehabilitation of various injuries has long been recognized in the physiotherapy clinics of Australia and New Zealand and is now beginning to be recognized and integrated into our Canadian systems of care as well.

Clinical Pilates integrates the principles of Pilates with the expertise of a detailed assessment with a Registered Physiotherapist, to ensure that an active rehabilitation program can be developed using only exercises specific to the needs of the client, their injury and stage of healing. This allows for effective promotion of healing and recovery.

Our Clinical Pilates programs begin with an assessment by one of Physiotherapists who is also trained in Pilates to determine the number of sessions required and develop a program specific to their client’s needs.  Programs may be carried out by the Physiotherapist themselves or with our experienced Physiotherapy Assistant and Pilates instructor, Ashley Kirkham (under the supervision and guidance of the Physiotherapist). All sessions are carried out in our Pilates studio and may incorporate exercises on our clinical reformer, Wunda chair, cadillac or mat.

These programs are covered by most extended medical health plans under physiotherapy.

Clinical Pilates may be especially beneficial for the following:

  • Joint hypermobility
  • Spinal stiffness or Chronic Back Pain
  • Poor body awareness
  • Poor postural strength and control
  • Runners
  • Athletes interested in improved core control and movement quality
  • Nurses, RMT’s, Physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals
  • Pregnant and Post-partum Women
  • Clients who have been unsuccessful with traditional rehabilitative strengthening programs

Clinical Pilates Rates:

60 Minute Clinical Pilates Session (with physiotherapist)    $160.00

30 Minute Clinical Pilates Session (with physiotherapist)   $85.00

60 Minute Clinical Pilates Session (with physiotherapy assistant under physiotherapy supervision and as part of a prescribed physiotherapy treatment plan)   $100.00

*Covered under most extended health plans under physiotherapy. Clients are responsible for ensuring coverage through their insurance providers.

**The above treatments are GST exempt. 

Private Pilates Rates:

These sessions are carried out by Ashley Kirham, physiotherapy assistant and certified Pilates instructor and can be used as fitness-based pilates strengthening or as part of a rehabilitative program, but are not physiotherapist-supervised.  

60 Minute Private One-One Pilates Session (with Certified Pilates Teacher)  $90.00 + GST

For more questions or details on our Clinical Pilates and Private Pilates programs, please email or call the clinic.