IMS/Dry Needling


IMS is a dry needling technique that involves a thin acupuncture needle being inserted into chronically tight muscles to create a reflex release of that muscle. This allows for decreased pressure on the joints, normalizes tone in the muscle and helps to alleviate pain.

IMS is part of a system of treatment to address chronic pain generated from nerve roots and can be extremely beneficial for long-standing symptoms that have not responded to manual therapy and exercise alone.

All of our therapists who practice IMS have undergone either the Gunn IMS or Acupuncture Canada training required by the College of Physical Therapists of BC.

What to expect
The number of needles and points of insertion will depend on your specific injury needs as well as your tolerance of the needles. There is often a cramping sensation around the needle when it enters the tight bands of that muscle and then a reflex relaxation following this. It is common to be sore for 24-48 hours following the treatment and it is recommended that you not perform rigorous exercise following the treatment on the same day.

IMS sessions are usually recommended no more than once weekly and the total number of sessions will depend on your injury needs.

For more information about IMS:

Gunn IMS  – University of BC

Acupuncture Canada

Currently, our IMS certified therapists are:

Katrina Sovio

*Troy Clare will be certified to practice IMS in early July 2021.

*James McDermott will be certified to practice both IMS and Acupuncture in early July 2021.

*Sam Bellhouse will be certified to practice IMS in September 2021.