TPI Golf Physiotherapy Assessment

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is the World’s leading educational organization analyzing how the body functions in relation to the golf swing. From continued analysis of the best golfers in the world, TPI have discovered how a correct functioning body allows for the most efficient golf swing and conversely how physical limitations can affect the golf swing leading to injury and reduced performance.  

What to expect from your TPI practitioner here at Alaia:

“Healthy body = efficient swing”

The most efficient swing is not the same for every golfer due to the uniqueness of the human body. Therefore, our TPI practitioner, James MCDermott,  will complete the TPI screen which involves assessment of swing mechanics and body biomechanics, physical abilities, movement quality, current health and past clinical history. Following this, a unique treatment plan based on the results is developed which may include physiotherapy interventions such as manual therapy techniques or dry needling/IMS, specific exercises that have been designed by the TPI medical experts to target physical limitations and finally advice on swing mechanics. 

TPI Physiotherapy Assessment Options: 

Standard TPI screen: 60 minutes – $175.00  – includes assessment of body and swing mechanics, physical abilities and movement quality. A treatment plan will then be formulated from the results.

TPI Golf Assessments with James McDermott can be booked through our online booking site.